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Hunkemöller is a clothing manufacturer from the Netherlands, specialising in underclothes and lingerie. The company was founded in 1886 in Amsterdam as a special shop for corsets. Nowadays it is an omni-channel brand with more than 7,400 employees in 21 countries. Hunkemöller is one of the field leaders in ladies underwear, especially in the Low Countries.

A unsatisfied customer warns, "Horrendous experience. Customer service is awful. I have heard NOTHING from them [Hunkemöller] regarding a refund I am owed. They only sent me a refund of 1 item when I had 4!!! I have emailed them countless times no response. Trusted shops have also handled it appallingly as I have heard nothing for weeks and not been updated about my case. DO NOT SHOP HERE YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IF YOU RETURN SOMETHING!"


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issie volske says

"I have been waiting 2 weeks for my order. I have emailed 3 times, sent a whatsapp message 2 times and called 3 times having been on the line with no reply for 30 minutes each time. Do not order from here. Absolutely disgusting customer service, worst place I’ve ever ordered from."

hannah grant says

"I placed an order three weeks ago. I have still not received my order. I was sent a track and trace link 4 days ago with a message to say I will receive my order in 1-2 days. The link does not work so I can't track my order. I contacted Hunkemoller and explained my situation and nobody has got back to me. I am currently renovating my home and I have ordered most things online. Everything i have ordered after my Hunkemoller order has arrived. Hunkemoller is the only company that have left me waiting for so long. I understand things get delayed but at least keep me informed and reply to my messages."

C says

"I ordered 2 bras and they both came with the plastic anti theft alarm button on them, so I can't use them. I paid a lot of shipping for these items for nothing."

H. Smit says

"Three weeks ago I ordered two Click-and-Collect packages from Due to Covid19 my orders were delayed by over two weeks - by thay time I was out of town and had to send someone to pick it up for me. Both orders arrived at the store exactly on the same day - for the first one I got an e-mail, but the second one was cancelled and returned without my permission before my friend could even collect it, even though the store was open and would stay open for another four workdays before the lockdown. The customer service telephone line didn't work for days and I have gotten no answer to my e-mail. Their concept of reward points also does not work properly. I never do reviews online, but I'm very sad and disappointed and I feel like a fool having ordered there, so I'd like to warn other potential customers. Hunkemöller disregard their customers and keep them waiting while taunting them with spam newsletter. It is a shameful way to deal with customers when you are such a big company. I'm afraid I cannot be a fan of Hunkemöller anymore - I really hope you get better leadership that will help you treat your customers with more respect."

Shaoqin Wei says

"Hej, i bought some iterms from the Ringsted outlet yesterday. first of all . the shop chef might be issues of mente ill. She totally lost control. They mixed up the iterm sizes so i got wrong size home . so i have to drive from Næstved to Ringsted and change the size. i got shock. She refused to help me. and she said she is wasting 30 mins on me. But i only want to understand why i have to pay 20kr more by change the size. and her attitude was really bad. in front of lots others customer and she shouted Juse cris . and threw the shopping bag to me and let me leave the shop. she took away the iterms i am going to pay. I did not join the drama and i asked Am i not allowed buy the iterms i have already choosed on the paying desk. anyway. i had very bad day. i would like know is this hunkemoller customer serivce all about. i think i have the right to know and get explaination from the company. i will pay what i have to pay. but i have right to know what i pay for. change size i have to pay extra money. why. and if she did her job and not mix the size. no problem at the first place. payment they can not even put customer in a line. it is not acceptable what the chef from Ringsted did to me. i think i am not the only one. if no one give me respond . i will never go back or near the shop again. it make me sick to meet such kind of person work in the shop."

Iris says

"With a promotion I ordered 10 pairs of underwear that were to be delivered in the shop. However, before they arrived in the shop, Belgium went into lockdown and shops had to close their doors. I immediately sent an email to ask how I could receive my order, but never got a reply. Instead, a few days later, I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled. Upon receiving the email I called customer service and asked about this. Apparently, because they couldn't have anticipated this lockdown (seriously?!) they had last minute decided to cancel all orders that were to arrive in the shops. This while it is still allowed during this lockdown to have a pic-up point at the shop (something other shops are doing). No communication towards the customer, no compensation, no option to re-order with the same promotion and incredibly rude customer service. A perfect example of a company that has forgotten that it actually needs customers for economic growth."

Xenia says

"Ordered 10 pairs of underwear on promotion, one of them wasn’t qualitative( all the threads were out) I went in the store to switch to a better pair, either the same one or another pair but the same price. First I was told that I cannot be refund with money( which I didn’t want) after she returned the money (with the promotion 4.35) on my bank account and asked me to pay for another pair 7,99. I’m very unsatisfied with people working there.. Sending me a bad quality product which I need to keep or bring it to the store and pay extra to change it..."

Lenette Heine Rasmussen says

"Have 21th of April send a message to customers service, have reciecved the following : call was registered on 21-04-2020 with call number I2004 29932 BUT no answer what to do . i can not return because The Return label is not valid ( accordng to the post office) , evendough i have used the return label that was provided by Hunkemôller Order confirmation shipment is DHL but package arrived with GLS , and GLS will not accept the return label."

Francine Antoinette Sanders says

"Such bad experience. I ordered with Black Friday. My order got canceled for no reason without a notification to myself. I paid by gift card and online banking. Had to call 3 x to get my money refunded, which took 2 weeks! On top of that they couldn’t extend me the same offer in store, only online (however never received the discount code they promised to send). My gift card is now only valid in store. Simple solution was to just send me the goods, but they were not allowed. Or to give me an instore discount code. The worst experience ever, not customer friendly at all. Don’t ever order anything here!"

Andrius Be says

"Absolutely terrible experience As many here I have made an order and 18 days later is not being sent. Its stated that delivery time is 3 business days. So 15 days later and 2x unanswered service emails still no products !!! Website is hiding all the contacts. Progress untrackable and order cannot be canceled. What a pathetic company trying to look like a real brand."

Christina T. says

"Good shopping experience, got my order in 3 working days. Decent quality - sizing is a bit weird since I bought 5 diff underwear the same size but some are bigger, some smaller,they still fit tho."

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